i Fishing Saltwater Lite

iFishing takes it to the ocean... Bigger fish, bigger locations!


i Fishing Lite

The best fishing game for Android!


Butterflys IQ Games

This game is famous through north and south of World at present. The “Linking Game” is a small game that can be easily operated, the way to play it is to cancle two same cartoo icons with straight lines. This game is famous through north and south of Worl


Mafia Farm

★★★★★ THE COOLEST MAFIA GAME IS NOW LIVE ON THE ANDROID MARKET!Farm your way to Mafia glory, build the most AWESOME base, collect RARE vehicles and buildings, and grow your reputation as you farm, fight, and do jobs in Mafia Farm!MAFIA FARM IS PACKED WITH


Lotto Heaven HD: Lottery Game

Tired of the same old free card games? Try Lotto Heaven, the fun new lottery scratch-off card game


MafiaSpin Slot & Poker & Bingo

Try it today and win big! Casino Fuity Slots, multiline, Bingo and Video Poker!MafiaSpin is a simulated slot machine casino game


Lotto Number Generator

Save your own lucky lotto numbers or use our lotto machine to choose random numb



This application measures your calculation speed. And you can submit your score


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